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Located in Central Florida, Brew Theory offers end-to-end contract brewing with packaging and distribution services. Orlando's first contract brewery!



  • Lower minimums. Our contracts are formed to accommodate your unique brewing needs with the help of Brew Theory’s dedicated brew partners.
  • Quality control. The in-house beer lab ensures that physical, chemical, microbial, and sensory analysis is measured and upheld at every step.
  • Community brewhouse. To compliment Brew Theory’s contract brewing, Community Brewhouse will utilize an on-premise 1/2 barrel and a 5 barrel system to offer the essentials needed by various levels of brewers -- from homebrewers to micro-breweries to would-be head brewers.
  • All-access to The Science of Beer. Through our spacious taproom overlooking the brewery, open podcast room, outdoor-indoor patio bar, and oversized windows at every turn, you’ll be able to experience brewing from all angles.



  • Contract brewing
  • Packaging
  • Distributor networking
  • Community Brewhouse offerings



Quality and consistency; confirmed.

Our in-house lab provides the technical and analytical resources to ensure that every batch is extensively tested. The Brew Theory beer lab will be the first to partner with a local college in offering an unparalleled brewing course.

Beer lab features:

  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Physical Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Sensory Analysis
  • Pilot Sample Testing
  • Yeast Propagation



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